Rain Rain Rain


Tonight it’s raining. I LOVE RAIN!!! I don’t know if I can emphasize my love for rain any more. When it rains I open windows and sit outside and smell the rain! It soothes me, and tonight it’s raining!!

Almost every semester around this time I get extremely anxious about school, and for some reason this semester has been way more anxiety filled, and it’s hard some times for me to see the way something not so great can turn in to something good. But this semester God has been really showing me how freeing it is to truly surrender all the things that make me anxious. Of course it’s been quite the adventure getting to the point when I can give God the things in my life that make me anxious, but as it’s raining and I sat out on my patio/balcony I just felt like God was saying “Hey I want to wash away your anxieties and I want you to feel like a sweet rain is falling around you all the time.” I know that’s a lot to infer from a simple rain fall, but this weekend was one of the most anxiety filled weekends of the whole semester, and now it’s raining, and I love the rain!

Some times God wants to tell us how much He wants to take our anxieties and He wants us to know how much He want to take care of us, but so many times we don’t let Him for whatever reason. And that’s what this weekend was for me; realizing how much God loves me and how greatly He desires to take care of me, I just need to let Him! God has such a desire to care for us, and such a desire to protect us, it’s just a matter of truly letting Him, and it isn’t easy by any means. It’s so hard a lot of times to truly trust God and let Him move and lead the way He wants to, and it gets overwhelming. But then it rains, and it’s nice. It’s soothing. It’s God saying “Hey trust me a little, I’ll wash away your worries.” So really, we just need to pray for the rainy moments. Then when it happens remember that Psalm 55:22 says “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken”, then let the rain do what it’s supposed to do and let it be.