More Adventurous Friends (Grateful Day 50)

1277199_10201811209660161_1806939897_oSo I have some pretty adventurous friends. I am basically surrounded by people who like adventure! Abby isn’t the only one of my friends who is about to embark on a super cool adventure soon. I am glad to say I am friends with a wonderful couple who are going to be wed and are following Jesus with all they are to the places He is leading them. This lovely couple is Rachael and Jonathan. When I met these two I didn’t know much about them, but  as I got to know them I learned they are fun and awesome!! I have had the joy of getting to know these two over the past couple of years and I have enjoyed hearing their wonderful stories and seeing how much they love one another. These two have been such a great blessing not only to me, but everyone around them. They also radiate God’s love in their love for others and each other!

As I said this lovely couple is getting hitched soon, then after that they are going to embark on a grand adventure God is leading them in to. These two are great individuals, and they are wonderful when they are together! I’m glad to know them and I am so blessed to call them friends. I am also inspired and encouraged seeing them prepare their hearts and lives to follow where the Lord is leading them. I am excited to see how God is going to use them because he is going to use them in so many fantastic ways!! As they go on their wonderful journey and as they write a new chapter in their lives, they have decided to start a blog. I know God is going to do some incredible things in their lives, and he is definitely going to work through them in remarkable ways. I’m excited for them and I’m excited to read all about their journey abroad. I hope you decide to read about their journey, and if you do that you feel/are as blessed by them as I am!!

An Adventurous Friend (Grateful Day 49)

1422442_10200549416537399_70261410_nThis lovely lady is Abby. Abby was the first girl I met in Chi Alpha, the first friend I had in Chi Alpha, the first person to disciple me, and has been a constant and wonderful friend in my journey with God, in my journey through school and in my journey through life. She is truly one of my dearest friends. I am so thankful for all the ways she has poured in to my life and all the ways she has ministered to me. She has been blessed by God with a phenomenal gift and love for music. Her love for Jesus and her dedication to the Lord is inspiring!!

She is about to embark on a wonderful wonderful adventure with God. In this new chapter of her life she is trusting God completely! She has given God the reigns of her life and she is going on an adventure!! She is going to the place God has given her a love and heart for and I am so glad to be surrounded by friends who follow God’s calling. I am also glad to say she has started a blog about her new adventures which you can read all about here. She has been such a blessing to me and I know God is going to use her in ways that are so above and beyond what we can comprehend. I love this girl and I am so fortunate to call her friend. I’m so blessed by her, and I hope and pray that if you choose to follow her story and the amazing adventure she’s about to go on that you are blessed and inspired by her as well!

Grateful Day 46

IMG_3770I usually am not too big on trying new things, whether it be food or activity, it just is not my slice o’ pie. However, I am always up for trying new tea! There’s a cute little tea house/lounge on campus I’ve been meaning to go to, which I finally did today and the tea I got, Vanilla Berry Cashmere & Chi with a little Almond Milk and sweetener, was splendid!!

Character (Grateful Day 45)

CharacterIn my whole college career I have only been truly thankful for two readings from my classes. The first came two semesters ago when I had to read a book about a Jesuit priest who was helping inner city kids, which was a fantastic read! The second happened yesterday when I had to read an article about character and failure for my ethics class. To sum it up, the reading basically says that failure is a key to success because failing helps develop character traits that are beneficial to success.

In the past four years, or almost four years, at University I have learned a lot about failure. I haven’t been super fond of failing ever in my life, but I have come to accept failure as a way to learn, which is why I loved this reading so much!! I’m not kidding when I say love because this was a reading that brought perspective to failure. I feel like people often think of failing as the end of the world, and I say this because I think like this often. But I’ve been learning that failing, and not doing as well as I hoped to do on something is just a chance to build character. Romans 5:3-4 says “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope”.

Even though my class reading didn’t reference this verse in the Bible and it basically says that hard times create in us the characteristics it takes to succeed like perseverance; hard times do not define us, but the way we respond to the difficulties of life do. When difficult thing happen to us in life we have two choices, we can either 1) sit and wallow feeling bad for ourselves or 2) we could learn and let it build our character. The first option is extremely tempting, trust me I’ve wanted to sit and eat my feelings plenty of times!! But I’ve found the most rewarding thing to do when difficulties come is to let God teach me something wonderful and amazing, which he has time and time again!!