HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Grateful Day 73)

Today was my baby sisters birthday!! Woo hoo!! Go her!! She is now 14 and it is so crazy insane that she is going to be in high school soon!! My baby sister has grown up before my eyes and she has turned in to such a beautiful and lovely young woman! I am so proud of the young lady she has become and am so excited to see all the things God is going to do in her life!


Renaissance Festival, YouTuber and Adventures (Grateful Day 72)

Today I went on a an adventure with some of my lovely friends! We started our day at the Renaissance Festival and ended the day watching our Cats play against Wisconsin. Even though we lost it was still a wonderful day full of excitement! We started our Renaissance experience with delicious food!SONY DSC SONY DSC

Then we saw sassy jugglers, which was just as amazing as it sounds! Not only were they all really good at juggling, but they were so funny and so sassy to the people in the crowd! It was wonderful! I kind of wish I had recorded it instead of taken these pictures because they were hilarious!!SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

After the lovely juggling experience we went and had our jousting fill! Now, our guy lost the joust, but the guy we wanted to win if our guy didn’t win won, so it was all okay! Our guy was the one in green, but the guy we wanted to win if ours lost is the guy in blue. By this point we were hot because the sun was beating down on us with its mighty heat!!Jousting was exciting, and even though our guy was good I can now admit that the guy who won was really good as well.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

After we watched the jousting we walked around the grounds a little bit and saw a few awesome things. Whilst walking around I actually saw a YouTuber whose videos I watch there with a couple of his friends which was cool! I didn’t say anything to him but seeing him was interesting because I think at that moment I realized that the people who put their lives out there for the world to see are normal people too (hehe)!SONY DSC

For the rest of you nerdy BBC television watching peoples who read this blog whilst we were out and about we went into this little place to look at family crests and we came across the Moffat family crest!SONY DSC

Also, this place sold walking sticks like Gandalf’s which was super cool!! The lady also told us how to pick a proper walking stick, which may come in hand one day you never know!!SONY DSC

When it got to be a little too hot we left the Renaissance Festival and went over to a friends house to watch the game. I didn’t take any pictures there because it was stressful and I put all my energy in to cheering on the boys! Again, even though we lost today was such a fun day and it was so great just to hang out with the lovely friends I am so blessed by!10013862_10203543315486271_1049353542_n

ELITE EIGHT!!!!!!! (Grateful Day 71)

photo 1Today was a beautiful day for starters!! Then, we won our basketball game tonight!! Now I’m not the biggest basketball fan! But my Wildcats are going to the Elite Eight! Woo hoo!! Oh yeah!!! I love UofA basketball, not as much as my roommate and best friend are though! They are dedicated UofA basketball fans and nothing can deter their dedication! Even though I don’t like to play sports I love watching sports, especially with other people, because there is a great sense of comradery and it is beautiful! So along with it being a beautiful day, watching the Wildcats beat the Aztecs made this a pretty wonderful day if I may say so myself!photo 2

Now, don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Nick Johnson, but I think TJ McConnell is my homeboy!photo 4

We also had breakfast at prayer this morning so of course it was a joy to have breakfast with some of the people I pray alongside on a weekly basis!


Spring Break (Grateful Days 63-68)

This past week was Spring Break, woo hoo!!!!!! Every Spring Break since I’ve been at University I have gone home for the whole week, and this year was no different. I love Spring Break for so many reasons, the biggest being that it’s one of the only times before Summer when I get to be home with my family for longer than a weekend and I love being with my family, especially my niece (who I got to cuddle and watch a lot this week). We also watched a lot of Frozen because it’s currently her favourite movie.IMG_3944

The least fun part about my Spring Break was getting my wisdom teeth taken out, boo!! But the night before I went to the dentist we had my favourite meal, pizza and wings!!IMG_3950 Also, the day before I got my wisdom teeth taken out my baby sister made us breakfast, which consisted of pancakes, eggs and sausage!IMG_3948

I also ate a lot of ice cream, which did not sit well with me for a little bit which was sad, but it did make my mouth and gums feel better! Luckily my mouth didn’t puff up like balloons like I thought they would which would not have been fun!!IMG_3958

And alas, on my last day at home we did as people of Sierra Vista do and ate Filibertos for lunch before I came back to Tucson to get ready for another week of school. Even though we didn’t do anything like we normally would when we have long breaks from school, I had the most wonderful of times with my family. I love being with them because life is short and each year I learn gain a larger appreciation for the people around me; both family and friends.IMG_3960

Grateful Day 62

KimPicBlogToday is this sweet gals birthday!! Kimberly, or as I call her Kimmy/Kimmy G/Kimbo, and I have been friends for just about 4 years and I have been beyond blessed by her!! She is one of the strongest and loving women I know and she has been such a wonderful friend to me over the past 4 years!! God has brought her through so much, he has brought her to so many adventures, and he has had his hand on her in every situation!! I am excited for this next year of her life and to be able to walk alongside her is such a joy!!