Blogs For The Road

Rachael Andrews: A friend I have made in the past couple of years who is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met! If you want to know a girl who loves her life and lives her life to please her Maker, you should give her nice read!

Caleb and Oneida Christensen: My campus pastors and friends, who have walked alongside me and many others as we navigate our way through college by sharing their heart and walking life with us. Want to know what life is like as a campus pastor, friend, mother and wife? Give this lovely space a good lookin’ at!!

Kai Eilert: A friend I have known for a while now who is learning as he lives his life and shares what he learns with the blogosphere. If you’re looking at life as a constant learning experience, give this blog a read!

Lindsey Harkey: My sweet friend who is on a grand adventure at the moment whose life is full of laughter, which she shares with all around her (but really she’s hilarious). If you want a good laugh you should most definitely read this lovely ladies blog!

Jaime Odom: One of my dearest friends who just married her childhood sweetheart!! If you love love and marriage, you should definitely join this newlywed as she ventures through life as a married woman!

Jonathan and Rachael Parker: My wonderful newlywed friends who are getting ready to embark on an adventure with God and each other and live life with so much zeal and excitement. If you’re a lover of love and marriage, but also want a bit of European adventures in there check this space!!

Nalani Tsue: My friend who is navigating life and all the adventures that come with it. Want to know what life is like for a lady on the move trying to live every day to its fullest? Check this lovely gals space!

Abby Yepiz: My sweet friend who is about to embark on an adventure with God beyond her wildest dreams. If you’re looking for a friend who loves her Creator and all the precious moments of life, this is the gal for you!



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