Grateful Day 26

IMG_3633“The LORD will fight for you; you need only be still” Exodus 14:14


Come Thou Fount (Grateful Day 24)

This song has become one of my favorite hymns. By favorites I mean top 10 status, especially since I have been praying a lot over my heart lately.

Over the past few weeks I have been praying over my heart and my life as I have offered my heart to God every day. No matter if it’s late at night, in the middle of the day or early in the morning, I have offered my heart, my feelings, my emotions, and my life to God to do His will. It isn’t easy by any means. Every day it has been hard to say “God I give you my heart. I give you my emotions, my feelings. I give you this part of me that is in desperate need of Your touch.” To say those words, or words similar to it, every day has been difficult. I wake up and I go to bed telling God He can have my heart. The more I do this, the more I sacrifice parts of my heart to Him that I want to hold on to, the more God give me His heart. I find myself more emotionally available in my life. I find my heart hurting for different people and different situations. I have prayed that God would bind my heart to Him and He would do His Will in my life. I don’t know what my future looks like, I wish I did. I sometimes wish I could fast forward to the next chapter of my life the same way I can skip to my favorite part of a movie, but alas, my life is not a movie. Even though I don’t know my future I know that every day I have chosen to give God my heart. I decide every morning that God has my heart, that He has every part of my heart and every day it gets easier to say “God here’s my heart take and seal it. Bind it to You!” Even when I want nothing more than to hold on to every emotion and every feeling I have, I have given God my heart and I am better each day for it.

Since I have been doing this, I have begun to fully comprehend God’s love for me. The depth of His love and concern for my future. I am beginning to trust God more with the mundane parts of my life. I am trusting that God is using this blog for His purposes! As more than an update about my life, but something more than you or I could understand. I am trusting God with my future. I am trusting God with my heart, and my life. Every day I do this. Every day I offer my life, and heart to God for Him to do His Will. Every day God shows me the fullness of His love and appreciation for me. Even though it is hard, even though I some times wonder why I must do this, I remember that everything has a purpose whether I see it or not.

Waiting (Grateful Day 23)

Romans2I don’t always know or understand why God asks me to do some things. It often leaves me wondering “why?”, then I get to the answer. The answer to the ‘why’ shows me that God’s timing and purpose are perfect. He makes waiting difficult to bring forth the patience to wait for whatever He has in store down the road. I’m not always the most patient of people, but I have learned through waiting for certain things in my life that patience comes from waiting and trusting God’s timing. Even if it means waiting ages for what’s next in life, the waiting brought forth patience. The waiting is where God teaches the most. Looking back on all the things I waited for, I can see where God worked and where He taught me important lessons. I see what He is still teaching me and where I need to be more teachable. I am not a fan of waiting, but as I have waited I have learned to trust God’s timing. It may be hard, but I know when I get to where God wants me next I will have gained so much from the wait.

Grateful Day 22

“You give life, You are love You bring light to the darkness You give hope, You restore Every heart that is broken Great are You, Lord It’s Your breath in our lungs So we pour out our praise We pour out our praise It’s Your breath in our lungs So we pour out our praise to You only You give life, You are love You bring light to the darkness You give hope, You restore Every heart that is broken Great are You, Lord All the earth will shout Your praise Our hearts will cry, these bones will sing Great are You, Lord” Such beauty and life in a song! Such beauty in praise!