I See Heaven by Bryan and Katie Torwalt

I see heaven invading this place I see angels praising your holy name I sing praises, I sing praises I give you honour worthy Jesus I see glory falling in this place I see hope restored, the healing of all disease I sing praises, I sing praises I give you honour worthy Jesus We give you praise and all of the honour You are God, the one we live for We give You praise and all of the Glory God Let your presence fill this place let heaven come Let your angels be released let heaven come We worship at your feet Let heaven come Face to face we wanna be let heaven come



So if there’s anything anyone should know about me it’s this – I love Jesus and I want Him to take me on adventures! If there’s anything of any importance I’ve learned on my quest for Jesus filled adventures though it’s this – LIFE is an adventure!! This life I lead, where I want and yearn for Jesus to be the central figure – walking with me, and guiding my life and where I go – is an adventure. It may not be what I want at the moment all the time, or where I want to be a majority of the time, but it’s what I have and I am where I am. I’ve learned this, I’ve accepted this, and I can honestly say I am really happy with where I am [for the most part]. I’m happy to be in school [sometimes], I’m happy to be surrounded by the people I’m surrounded by [a lot of the time], I’m happy that God has a plan for my life far better than the one I have [all the time]. I’m happy to be single and able to learn so many great and wonderful things about myself! [seriously it’s so much fun!!] My life is my great wide somewhere.