In transition…


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Transitions are tough

I was talking to a friend recently who graduated at the same time as me and we both have come to realize that the transition is where the learning is. Since I’ve graduated college I have started working a full time job and I have taken on a new role in a community I have been part of for 4 years. Each comes with its own challenges, but in each challenge I am learning so much.

Graduating from college almost felt like I was taking part in some sort of coming of age ceremony where after I walk across a stage and change my tassel from left to right I would suddenly have everything figured out and things would be fine. Though I did have some things figured out and things seemed fine, walking across that stage only signified me walking boldly into a new season of life. This new season is a season of immense change and a season of tremendous courage. It’s a season where I am already needing to learn to trust more and love more, but also I am learning what it is to be a leader and what it looks like to love Jesus. I am learning true compassion and what it looks like to be merciful yet just.

Transitioning into a new season of life is difficult and terrifying. There have been many a moment when I have thought “Jesus, only because of you can I get through this season of my life” and I feel like at this moment, in this time that is a good place to be. I am learning as time passes that transitions are truly about how we react to them and how well we do or do not adapt, but it’s also about knowing how much you can handle on your own and knowing when to ask for help.

This new season of my life is one of the hardest and most beautiful seasons of my life thus far. It’s hard because I’m learning what it means to be an adult in a strange world, but it’s beautiful because I am learning more and more about who I am and who I want to be. I am also realizing that who I am now and what I go through now will only grow me in to the woman I will be in three or four years. My experiences in this season of my life will be the stories I tell my sisters and friends about for years to come. These are stories I hope and pray will be stories of how I conquered this season, only by the grace of God, and how I overcame the obstacles of being an adult. I also hope these are stories of how I learned to trust more, how I learned more grace and more compassion. Mostly I hope these stories will be stories that will encourage the people around me to trust God and to trust others to help them out when they’re struggling. I also hope this season is full of more love and laughter than it is with tears and struggle.

“Transitions themselves are not the issue, but how well you respond to their challenges” — Jim George


Grateful Day 97

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetMY BEST FRIEND IS GRADUATING!!!!!! Even though I’m kind of bummed I’m not graduating with her, I am so excited for my dear bestie! She has been by my side since Freshman year of college when we were not only the only Freshman in Chi Alpha, but we were the only Freshman girls (funny how that works). It’s crazy to think that four years ago, I met a girl in Chi Alpha who was more shy than I was and barely spoke and now here we are four years later and she’s my best friend! I have written many posts about her already, but I am truly so blessed by her! She listens to my ramblings, and on the off chance I need to talk boy she talks boy with me, and when I just need a friend to listen to me word vomit for a bit she will listen and not say a word. She listens to me talk about my hopes and dreams and she encourages them all. I truly could not have asked for a truer friend. She is my bosom friend, my chum of chums and I am so extremely proud of her! She has so much in store for her future and God is going to do so many great things in her, through her and for her! I am beyond excited to see her new journeys and see where life takes her! I could truly gush about how grateful I am for her and how proud I am of her, but she’s graduating soon and I can do more I’m-so-proud-of-her’s when the time comes. But really, how many people can say they have a friend who will always fight for them. A friend who will listen to every complaint and every sigh. A friend who will celebrate with you, mourn with you and encourage you. I hope every one can and if you can’t, then that friend is coming. I honestly never thought I’d have a friend who would believe the same things as me, yet challenge me in my way of thinking and challenge me in my relationship with God but that is exactly who my friend is. God knows what people we need, when we need them and for how long we need them. Some people come in to our lives for a season and that’s fine. Then there are those who come and are meant to be the friend who is there through all seasons, and those friendships are worth the fight because nothing could replace the joy and the happiness that comes from a friendship like that! So again, my best friend is graduating in 3 weeks from tomorrow and I could not be more proud!


It’s officially Christmas time!! Woo hoo!!! Technically its officially been Christmas time for 8 days! I love Christmas for so so so so so so so many reasons!! The movies, the music, the sweaters, the hot drinks, celebrating Jesus. I love it all!! Ever since I was little I have loved Christmas! I’m not totally sure why I love it so much but I do. It’s happy, it’s festive, it’s Christmas!!!RoomLights1Blog

I’ve been waiting to write this week because this weekend we had our Chi Alpha Christmas party, and I love the Christmas party!! It’s always fun because people dress up, and we eat and do white elephant, and who doesn’t love a good white elephant exchange!! It’s also strange because this time next year, new people will be at their first Chi Alpha Christmas party, and some people will no longer be there. This Christmas my family has a sweet little addition who will be celebrating with us, and it’s exciting!!! I feel like Christmas is a sign of so many new things. We, or I, celebrate Christmas because Jesus was born. The Saviour of the world was born and I get to celebrate such a wonderful occasion!! What a fun thing to celebrate!!! I also love Christmas because it brings people together, whether you celebrate Jesus or not, Christmas brings people together.TardisBlog

This week I went to my friends’ house and helped them decorate, as well as decorated my house with my roommates. My roommates and I had such a fun time decorating our little apartment. I even decorated my room, which was so fun! I love getting to decorate the house for Christmas because it mean fun tree’s and pretty twinkle lights. It means fun little Christmas baubles and Christmas movies!! Also all the Christmas songs I could ever think of listening to!!!!  I also feel like people are nicer around this time of the year. I could also be making that up in my head because I’m happier during this time of year because it’s my favourite time of the year! But regardless I think Christmas is the best time around

.LaurenPicBlogChristmas has always been my favourite and there’s really nothing that could change that. Christmas actually becomes more and more of my favourite with each passing year because of all the great memories that get made during this season. There are new things to laugh about, and new things to smile about. New kids get to experience Christmas for the first time, and new families get to celebrate the Holiday’s together. Friends get to go to fun parties and laugh about fun things together. New friends are made. New traditions are made. Then a few weeks later is New Years and then it’s the start of new beginnings.NalaniPicBlogChristmas for me has also always been a time for me to look back on the year and appreciate the experiences I had and the memories I made. I know for a lot of people that’s New Years, and I do this on New Years Eve a well, but I start to think about all the fun times and the memories of the past year during Christmas because it means we are close to the end.KimPicBlogChristmas reminds me of how extremely blessed I am by the people God has put in my life. Some of them I don’t talk to often, but when I do it is nothing but happiness. I am grateful for my friends and family, and I’m so so THRILLED to see what memories I will make between now and a year from now. To look back and remember the places I have been, the memories made, and all the friends I had the chance of getting to know better. Christmas will always be my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. Some times I wonder why, but then I sit down on nights like this, after a weekend of fun and dressing up and I remember all over again how much I love Christmas and why I love Christmas.

New Beginnings, Hopes & Dreams

Today WordPress let me know I have been blogging for just about a year now. Which I find slightly crazy, considering I haven’t really blogged very much on here in the past year. This also means it was a year ago today that God gave me perspective on my life and showed me a lot of grace and favour. Also in the past year God has given me perspective and opened my heart to different dreams and ideas.

This past Tuesday at our Chi Alpha meeting a man called Rich came and spoke to us about hope. Rich is paralyzed from the chest down, and hand cycles different places in the US. Recently he hand cycled a total of 500 miles from Colorado to Tucson. He talked to us about our dreams, and he started off by asking us what our dream was. Sadly, I couldn’t even pinpoint what exactly my dream is. It’s not that I don’t have a dream, because I do, but putting what I dream for my life into words is hard. Not because it is this grand dream that is just far too large to contain, but because I don’t have one single dream, instead I have one dream, and multiple subcategory dreams (if that even makes sense). But really, the overall dream is to be an encouragement to people, especially youths, who need someone to tell them they can succeed. When I was younger I always wanted to be a cheerleader, not because it meant I could do cool things and flips and stuff, but because I liked cheering (I still really like to cheer on my favourite sports teams). I just wanted my team to know I was rooting for them, and am still rooting for them. I want to be that person for youths who don’t have many people doing that for them. So that’s the overall dream, but within my dream I also have this dream to travel and be a cheerleader for kids in different parts of the world who need it. That’s just my dream. A lot o people say “You can’t out dream God”.  I have found this statement to be true so many different times in my life, especially right now. When Rich mentioned this at Chi Alpha I instantly thought, ‘if my dream can’t properly be summed up into words, then God’s dream for me probably can’t even be conceived with my own mind!’, which is true. God’s dreams for our lives are so outrageously spectacular, that it’s kind of scary to even try to imagine what it could be. But alas, we have hope.

Rich really emphasized that hope is what helps make our dreams possible; hope changes what’s possible. I think sometimes when we look at our dream in the big picture of what our lives are we sometimes get scared to go after them. Whether because we are truly scared, or because we just don’t know how we would even be able to achieve our dreams, sometimes we feel hopeless. But there is hope at last. That’s something God has really been showing me over the past few months,even the past year, that there is hope and God just asks for faithfulness and obedience. Obedience to go where He leads, and the faithfulness to commit to what we are called to. Which I am thankful for.

So in this next year of life and blogging, I hope to learn what faithfulness and obedience are. I hope to gain a better grasp of how to be faithful and obedient. Also, since it’s November and Thanksgiving is this month I will, hopefully, post a little something about what I am thankful for everyday for the month. Today I am thankful for hope.