A Wonderful Day of Thanks || Grateful Days 257-311

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetHappy Thanksgiving!!

I truly have so much to be thankful for this year. I have been blessed with a loving family. I have wonderful friends and a wonderful community. God has been so gracious and so kind to me as I transition in to a new season of life. He has shown me so much mercy and dished out so much grace. He has given me the freedom to be obedient to Him and given me more freedom in my life in general.

As I have tried to do this whole 365 Days Grateful thing, I have come to realize that being grateful is a state of mind. It’s a constant state of thanks. I’m not going to lie, being in a constant state of thanks isn’t easy. I’ve found it’s extremely difficult, not because I’m an ungrateful person but because some days are harder than others. Some days just don’t go the way you want. Some days it’s difficult to even be kind to people. Those days it isn’t easy to be grateful for things. But then there are those days that are absolute bliss. All the things are falling in to place and all the things are going as they should and it’s easy to be grateful for something. But I’ve learned that even on the difficult days there is something to be grateful for. Even if you’re grateful for the simple fact that you got to live life that day. Some days I’m just grateful I got to live a new day, even if it was an awful day I’ve found I was simply grateful to be alive.

On days like today, a day wholly dedicated to being thankful I’m reminded that I always have something to be grateful for. I have a loving family, a wonderful group of friends and a Saviour and Father that have been so kind to me. Today on this wonderful day of thanks I am thankful for life, for love, for the difficult days and the good days, for laughter, for family, for friends, for community and countless other things. I hope today and every other day you too can always find something to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

also, now the whole world can listen to Christmas music all the time!!


2 hours 46 minutes (Grateful Days 136-138)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetHere I sit, on the eve of my birthday thinking about the fact that in 2 hours 46 minutes I will have rotated around the sun 22 times. In 22 years I have experienced life in all the ways only I can.

I get older as the clock ticks away, and yet I cannot find ways to describe how I feel about being 22. My life isn’t a compilation of Taylor Swift tunes so I can’t dance around saying I feel 22, because I don’t know what 22 feels like. I barely know what 21 feels like! But I do know that 21 treated me well.

21 treated me the way I should be treated. It treated me with love and kindness; even in the hard times. 21 gifted me with a beautiful niece and it taught me the art of living.

21 showed me that the change I fear so much, is necessary. Without change, there would be no growth and that’s just not fair. 21 showed me with each new season new change comes. After all without April showers May would have no flowers.

21 taught  me even when I have little faith my Abba is faithful. When I was weak and had no where to turn, 21 showed me that my Abba is strong and carries me. When I was filled to the brim with joy, 21 showed me that my Abba rejoiced with me. Even when my heart wanders, 21 showed me that my Abba is a faithful friend and is always waiting for me.

21 taught me the art of friendship and 21 was kind enough to show me the beauty of my friendships. At 21 I saw and understood the depth of my friendships with each of my friends. I felt the sting of distance and I feel the upcoming sadness of goodbyes. But 21 showed me the art of learning to communicate in new ways and helped me see that sometimes there is beauty in goodbye.

21 showed me the depth of the love of my family. 21 showed me the grace of my mother and the gentle heart of my father. 21 showed me the beauty of sisterhood and introduced me to the joy of being an aunt. 21 also reminded me that my parents and sisters get older with me and 21 reminded me to tell my loved ones those three words no matter the circumstance.

21 taught me the joy of life and showed me the sorrows and the hurts. Mostly 21 taught me how to live life in only the way I can live it. 21 showed me the beauty of each new day and 21 introduced me to myself.

As I sit here, I begin to say goodbye to 21. 21 is introducing me to 22 in the way a gentleman introduces his lady to his mom – with love and tenderness. 21 was kind and taught me so much. It’s strange to say goodbye to 21 because we’ve spent so much time together.

2 hours 46 minutes later I say goodbye to 21 and hello to 22.

Grateful Day 103

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetToday I sat in class explaining to my professor the book I am currently reading. The book I have no real time to read, but choose to read because school is getting stressful and if I didn’t read for fun I could possibly cry. Reading gives me such joy! I have always known this, but telling my professor I am reading for fun made me realize even more, that reading is a stress relief. I realized that life is creeping up on me, it is ebbing and flowing with the times and only a couple of things stay the same – God & Books. My family and friends change, for the better, with each passing season. As do you & I. But God and books don’t change. God is the same Yesterday, Today & Forever! Then books, well books never change.

From the Bible to Young Adult Fiction, books have this way of remaining the same. The people reading the story may be different, but the story itself stays the same. Reading a book for the first time is like going to a new place and making new friends, while re-reading one is like visiting an old friend and seeing new sights.

I have traveled to so many places through the lens of an author. I have seen life through the eyes of a young Christian girl who served her masters with love and with zeal, and who loved God with every fiber of her being. I visited Narnia and made friends at Hogwarts. I got to know Mr. Darcy and the Bennett gals. I fell for Michael Hosea and Wes. I became friends with sweet Anne Elliot and mourned the loss of Mackenzie Phillips daughter. Books have taken me to so many places and allowed me to feel so many exhilarating emotions!

There was once a time when I thought my love for books was a bad thing, a strange thing. Yet with the passing of time I have come to realize the beauty of books and seen my love and appreciation for them as lovely. I have learned that my love for the pages between covers has made me who I am.


Grateful Day 90

IMG_4120“Don’t take yourself too seriously. Jesus meant life to be filled with joy.” – Jenn Johnson (Twitter 17 April 2014)

This! I mean, Jenn Johnson if you ever read this, I would like for you to know that this statement has made me happy!! Truly! Sometimes I get really caught up in living life and I get really caught up in serious moments that I forget to laugh! Which is no fun because I love love love to laugh! I’m like Buddy the Elf and laughing is my favourite!! Which is why when I forget to laugh I get a little sad inside, especially since Jesus means for life to be enjoyed!

Thursdays are a big day of meeting people for me. I have a prayer meeting in the morning, I meet with my best in the afternoon for one-on-one time and then at night I have a Women’s Bible Study for Chi Alpha and sometimes I get so caught up in the moment. Some days I get so caught up in the moment and sometimes I get too serious about a moment and I forget to laugh!! But when I finally remember to laugh, it’s like a breath of fresh air!!

I try my best to not take myself too seriously, but in the moments when I do, I remind myself that life is meant to be enjoyed!! Life is beautiful and life is good. Joy is meant to be felt and laughter heard! So here’s to feeling joy and hearing laughter!