Teacher Appreciation (Grateful Day 109)

IMG_4333According to the internet, and my teacher friend, today is Teacher Appreciation Day! In honour of this special day, I thought I’d share about my favourite professors of the semester! Throughout the course of my four years here at the U I haven’t had many professors who have been super influential in my life. I’ve had professors who are great and have taught me a lot, but this semester I’ve had two professors who impacted my life both academically and personally. One of my professors is actually not that much older than me and only a few years ago was in my position. She did her undergrad at the U, got her Masters at the U and just got accepted in to the Ph. D program at the U. She is one of those professors who gets it. She understood what we were going through with school and helped us understand so much about school and life in general. Before class we would all just talk to her before class and she was always real with us about what life is like after graduating with a Bachelors. She also told us so many times that we had the opportunity to change the way law and the government work. She also really believed in us and wanted us to succeed!! It’s funny because so many professors will say they want you to succeed, but it doesn’t always feel like that. Then a professor comes along and you truly believe what they are saying to you and you start to believe that success is attainable, and it is! I realize I’m 21 but I still like to know people believe in me and that there are people out there rooting for me! Another professor who made my semester much more enjoyable was my ethics professor. Today I walked out of his class for the last time and I was actually sad! This is the first time I’ve been sad about a class being over and it actually feels good because I know I enjoyed going to class! I didn’t think I would like the class very much because I had to actually ask permission to be in the class at the beginning of the semester, which is never fun. Then while talking to friends I realized I enjoyed  going to class because I learned about my own ethics and my own morals. Since I’m a thinker, I’d thought a lot beforehand about what I believe and the extent of what I believe and I’ve thought about the boundaries I’ve set for myself and this class just gave me a better understanding of what I stand for! He also taught me the importance of getting to know people’s names and getting to know a person as more than a face! These two professors have taught me so much and they have made this semester so much more enjoyable! I’m really sad to see this semester end because I’m going to miss going to these classes and talking to my professors and classmates. Even though I’m glad the semester is nearly over, I’m going to miss certain aspects of it! A professor or teacher of any sort can have such a real impact on the way we view education and life and these two professors reminded me why I enjoy school so much, and they gave me a new found passion for what I want to do with my life! I hope that soon you get to experience the joy of having great teachers and that you enjoy it every bit as much as I have!


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