Spring Break (Grateful Days 63-68)

This past week was Spring Break, woo hoo!!!!!! Every Spring Break since I’ve been at University I have gone home for the whole week, and this year was no different. I love Spring Break for so many reasons, the biggest being that it’s one of the only times before Summer when I get to be home with my family for longer than a weekend and I love being with my family, especially my niece (who I got to cuddle and watch a lot this week). We also watched a lot of Frozen because it’s currently her favourite movie.IMG_3944

The least fun part about my Spring Break was getting my wisdom teeth taken out, boo!! But the night before I went to the dentist we had my favourite meal, pizza and wings!!IMG_3950 Also, the day before I got my wisdom teeth taken out my baby sister made us breakfast, which consisted of pancakes, eggs and sausage!IMG_3948

I also ate a lot of ice cream, which did not sit well with me for a little bit which was sad, but it did make my mouth and gums feel better! Luckily my mouth didn’t puff up like balloons like I thought they would which would not have been fun!!IMG_3958

And alas, on my last day at home we did as people of Sierra Vista do and ate Filibertos for lunch before I came back to Tucson to get ready for another week of school. Even though we didn’t do anything like we normally would when we have long breaks from school, I had the most wonderful of times with my family. I love being with them because life is short and each year I learn gain a larger appreciation for the people around me; both family and friends.IMG_3960


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